Baxter Large Conference Room Equipment

These instructions are a general overview of how to use the conferencing equipment in the large conference room at PHA Baxter office. The conference room is equipped with a laptop, a large wall-mounted display, a web camera on a tripod, and a landline conference phone. 


The laptop is connected to the PHA domain. Users can sign in to the laptop with their PHA credentials and access their network drives or Remote Desktop Sessions. They will not be able to access files stored locally on the computer at their desks from the conference room laptop. For best performance, ensure that the (green) Ethernet cable is connected to the Ethernet jack on the left side of the laptop.


The display on the wall is connected to the laptop via the (black) HDMI cable. Ensure the HDMI cable is securely connected to the HDMI port on the left side of the laptop. The display’s video source is the laptop by default. If the HDMI cable is connected to the laptop and there is no picture, check to make sure the source on the display is selected to “PC” using the display’s remote control. The display is also the best choice as speakers. 


The Logitech camera is mounted on a floor-standing tripod. It connects to the laptop via USB cable. It is a plug-and-play device, but depending on what conferencing software is used, changing the video settings from the laptop to the Logitech camera in the software may be required. The camera also has dual microphones that may also need to be selected in the conferencing software settings. 

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